Hey there Lovelies,

Have you missed me? "Of course we have" I hear you say. 

Well it's great to be back behind a keyboard typing away to you lovely lot. I'm actually in a great mood today as well. I know I have a reputation for always having a smile on my face, but some days it's bigger than others. So, what could be the reason behind my delirious state? Have I won the lottery... unfortunately not. Have I discovered the path to eternal youth... not yet! The reason is in fact Spring! Yes, that sprightly little six letter word. Possibly one of the prettiest in the dictionary. After a long, cold, white winter, the flowers have suddenly broken through and the sun is bursting through the clouds (at least as I'm sat here now anyway). I am aware that it is still 5 degrees outside, but we'll overlook that for now. Yes, Spring is finally here. 

I consider myself to be a rare breed in that I absolutely love the changes the seasons bring in our country. I know most of us moan when it's cold, if it's raining, or even if it's too hot. It's what we Brits are known for. But I love that feeling when the season changes and you feel like a new chapter is beginning. I think the reason I love our seasons so much is because I probably have a really great memory for each one of them. I remember walking to school in Autumn as a child, kicking up the colourful leaves, making dens with them and even collages in school. In Winter we'd go sledging and Christmas has always been a really happy time in our family. Me and my sister sitting in front of the fire braiding each others hair with a cup of hot milk, . I think I love Spring the most. Even though It seems the shortest Season. Everything suddenly comes alive, we start planning the Summer ahead, our holidays and our barbecues.  And it reminds me of meeting Charlie. When everything was brand new. On a Spring day, when the air is cool but the Sun is hot, It feels like it was just yesterday. My favorite memories. And then there's Summer. The season we all long for the most. It never seems to last long enough, but us Brits definitely know how to make the most of it!

The change of the season also brings about new events on the Leeds scene. Namely, Leeds pride. This years Leeds pride will be held on Sunday 4th August. As usual, fundraising is already in full swing. This month I'll be involved in two amazing events in Leeds. The first date for your diary is Sunday the 14th April. Get yourselves to the Viaduct Showbar for our LGBT fun day! There will be an egg and spoon race, a sack race and a tug of war. There will also be an actual 'drag race' which I can't wait to watch. I was hoping to enter but apparently my drag queen locks are not quite up to standard for the Viaduct Showbar. That's one I'll have to work on! The event starts at 4:30 pm and will be hosted by myself and hopefully some other familiar folks. Please note the events will be held outside so dress for the weather. 

The next date for your dairy is Sunday 21st April. The Bridge bar will be holding an all night fundraising event with live acts, karaoke and a live performance from your truly. Join us from 9:00 pm and show your support. Both events are raising much needed funds for Leeds pride. I keep saying it, but Leeds pride is a free event for all of us but it can only remain so with your generous donations. So please, show your support for all our Leeds gay scene fundraising. 

Another development this month has been the announcement of a new competition to find a star to perform on this years Leeds pride stage. As a bit of a regular on the main stage I know how sought after and career changing this competition prize could be. 'Search for a pride star' is open to EVERYONE. It is a general talent competition open to singers, drag queens, dancers, instrumentalists, comedians and everyone else who thinks they have what it takes. The prize will be to perform in front of 20,000 people on the main stage at this years Leeds pride, so it's not for the faint hearted. For details of how to enter, visit the Leeds pride website and don't forget to spread the word. I'm sure we all know someone with a talent worth showcasing.

We also need to remember to celebrate this years St. Georges day on Tuesday 23rd April. This is a day that too many of us overlook. I for one believe that this day, which celebrates English Heritage should become a national holiday. I have just demonstrated that as a LGBT community we do so much to celebrate our history, our present and our future. We join together without apprehension to raise money for our various charities and for the events we hold dear and celebrate together in recognition of the battles we have overcome as a community in all our diversity; to get where we are today. 

Personally, I think it's important to remember that we are part of a bigger community. This beautiful country we all call home. Regardless of race, ethnic origin, sexuality, gender, social hierarchy; we should all celebrate our great nation and remember those battles, however large or small that have allowed us freedom, a civilized way of life and allowed us to become a large player in the world around us.

I know we are all dis-heartened with our government, even our church and the path our country is taking currently. But we need to get back to the mindset that generations before us had. The fact that we are great. As a country we have fought many battles, and we continue to do so, but the biggest weapon we have is solidarity, team spirit, and the belief that what we fight for, together we can achieve. Make sure you mark St. George's Day guys. I do believe, we will be great again. 

Well folks. I'm not going to let that great British sunshine outside go to waste so it's goodbye from me for this month.

I hope you all have a great April, and enjoy all Leeds has to offer.

Kira xx


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