Kira's back!

 Well hello my lovelies! It’s so good to be back. I’ve so much to tell you about!

You’ve probably wondered where I’ve been over the last few months. Well I’ve been a very busy girl making myself a Mrs. Much to our surprise mine and Charlie’s wedding seems to have been the talk of the town for many months, so I’ll just give a quick overview of the day for those of you that missed it… even though as you can imagine, I could talk about it all day long!

After 12 years together and a 10 year engagement (She took a lot of persuading!) I recently married the love of my life Charlie. I have to publicly thank my beautiful wife for making me extremely happy over the last 12 years and of course allowing me marry her. It already seems like so long ago, but it really was the best day of my life and if any of you out there are thinking of tying the knot I would definitely recommend it!

We were lucky enough to have our ceremony at the beautiful Carr hall castle In Halifax. For those of you not familiar with it, it is the home of entrepreneurs Michael Rothwell and Terry George and was a well-deserved winner of the title of ‘Britain’s best home’ by channel five. It is a stunning place and is also incidentally just down the road from where I spent the first years of my childhood. I remember many walks around the outskirts of the castle when I was young, including our annual conker scouting trip! Nicola and the team at the castle went out of their way to make sure everything ran perfectly and it was so much more than we dreamed it would be.

The day was a fairy-tale for us. After a hazy start in the morning, the sun shone over us all day long. I had a beautiful vintage Rolls Royce deliver me and my mum; who gave me away, to the castle. When I was young, we would drive past the wedding car showroom every Saturday to visit family and I would always lean across to the window to look at that exact car and dream about having it for my wedding one day. I will never forget the excitement of pulling into the castles courtyard in that car and seeing our guests for the first time.

The very first thing we booked on setting the date and choosing the venue was an owl, Ollie, to deliver our rings. The ceremony that we waited 12 years for was so important to us and we wanted it to be beautiful from start to finish. Ollie glided down the aisle much to the amazement of our guests and delivered our rings in spectacular style. A special touch for us was allowing our guests to be photographed with her after the ceremony. I walked down the aisle to Cannon in ‘D’ by our violinist that was nothing short of amazing.  We wrote our own vows which I created to match our invitations so they can be kept framed in our home to always remind us of the promises we made. They brought one or two tears on the day.

After the ceremony we transported our guests by coach back to Leeds to our reception venue ‘Left Bank’. No one had ever heard of the venue before, and believe me it was hard to find. It is an old 17th century church with an awe inspiring interior. The venue is an event space and with a blank canvas like that you could really have some fun with it. I chose to fill the venue with candelabras and lots of romantic touches that reflect the kind of couple we are. I chose to hand make practically everything. Everyone told me I was crazy, but I wanted to walk into that venue knowing I had done it all. For those wanting the ambience of a church wedding but without the religious tag this is the perfect venue. Civil ceremonies can be performed here, but for us, we chose to use the venue to celebrate with our friends. It was also important to us to have a religious element to our day and we achieved this with this venue. We had two incredible acts to entertain our guests, soul singer Gerry Phillips and Gospel Choir, DTWG (Desire to worship god), who brought the house down with their renditions of ‘Oh happy day’ and ‘I will follow him’. Our very own Gay Leeds favourite, DJ Degsie compered and DJ’d for us on the night. His witty sense of humour and repertoire of dance floor favourites kept everyone happy all night long. In short, he was as fabulous as you all know him to be.

The whole day was captured by the incredibly talented photographers Andrea Barrett and Mark Jordan. Andrea has has over 300 awards to her name, including "Wedding Photographer of the Year" four times, "Wedding Album Photographer of the Year", and more Yorkshire-based photography awards than you'd care to name. Mark Jordan also has a plethora of Awards and credits to his name. He knows exactly what he wants from his photo, and ‘flattering’ his subjects in his photography is his specialty. Their great sense of humour made the guests feel at ease for the formal shots and their attention to detail meant not one part of the day was missed. We have some incredible pictures, so many in fact that it’s going to be impossible to narrow them down. I know they both enjoyed the day as well and are keen to photograph more civil ceremonies, so for those looking for the best in the business their details are below.

I would also like to say a big thank you to GayLeeds and Jonny Springthorpe for the lovely write-up of our day.

We planned the wedding with the hopes of giving our guests something to remember and on hearing so many lovely and humbling comments about our day I think we achieved it. 

And so there you go. In the words of Shug Avery… “I is married now”!

So it really is down to earth with a bump. After 12 months of intense wedding planning and endless DIY projects, I now have time to spare!

As usual however, the Leeds gay scene has a habit of filling up my time. I am so happy to be throwing myself back into work. The Viaduct on a Sunday afternoon is going from strength to strength. We are packed out most Sundays. If you’ve not joined our ‘Sunday Service’ yet you’re certainly missing out. And the Bridge on a Sunday night is as crazy as ever. DJ Degsie has become a regular at the bar on a Sunday, and between him, Ben and Myra, we are never short of a laugh! His and Bens’ rendition of ‘Sisters’ last Sunday was hilarious. They really need to form a duo and get themselves on the stage!

Also this month is of course Halloween. I’m looking forward to hitting Gay Leeds in fancy dress. I haven’t yet decided on an outfit but there is huge pressure to look great. It must be the flamboyancy of ‘the gays’, but Halloween in Leeds is always spectacular. People spend months designing, planning and buying costumes that are worthy of the big screen. There are many events going on both on Thursday 31st October and over the Halloween weekend. Too many to list here, but you can check out the event’s guide on the GayLeeds home page. A lesser known fact is that I also hit the big three zero in the same week. Along with a lot of women, I have been dreading turning 30. But after an incredible year and lot’s to look forward to in the future, I think it could be my best year yet. So if you see me out on Thursday 31st October, looking a little more scary than normal, don’t forget to buy me a drink!

Can’t wait to write to you all next month, it’s great to be back!!!
Love Kira x x x


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