Kira Live Leeds Pride 2014 Special!

By Kira Live

Hello my lovely readers,

Welcome to this month’s column. I’ve barely had the time to sit and write to you this month… why you ask… well the biggest event of the Leeds gay scene is once again upon us, Leeds Pride!

I’ve said it many times before, but I absolutely love Leeds pride. Each year it gets bigger and better and this year is no different. We have so much to offer as an LGBT community and Leeds pride is the perfect stage to showcase how much we have achieved. This year’s line-up is very exciting too… I’m sure most of you already know who’s performing this year, but for those of you that still don’t, check out the show line up at

I’m particularly looking forward to Stooshe and one of the world’s greatest Whitney Houston tributes Ikenna as well as local artistes Bears aloud!

Once again I feel very privileged to be performing on the main stage at this year’s event. I have had so many messages to ask what I’ll be singing this year, I’m afraid you’ll all have to wait and see. For those of you that have even put cash bets on what I might sing this year… All I can tell you is you’re getting warm!

I’ll be on the main stage at 4pm for those of you not wanting to miss it.

As well as my usual performance on the main stage at this year’s Leeds pride, 2014 also sees my hosting debut on the parade stage with the outrageous DJ Degsie. You all know how much we can’t stand each other, so anything could happen!

The parade stage is from 12noon until 2pm.

This year’s theme is Love (and Marriage) no coincidence then that last week I was casually asked by Tom and Ross the editors of what I ‘love’ and ‘hate’ about my co-star DJ Degsie… My immediate reply was… “Hates easy, what I love about him may be a little harder!”

It did make me think though, so here’s my five answers for each:


1)      His cardigans…every last single one of them… and any other knitwear he may own!

2)      The ‘Hobbit’ jokes… I may be small but I really don’t have hairy feet and live in a hole!

3)      His bad jokes… he thinks he funny, he even laughs at his own jokes at times… fail!

4)      His singing… He sits at the front when I’m doing karaoke, heckles me all night long… and sings the same three songs on repeat… badly… jokes!

5)      Having to work with him every week at the Bridge bar’s Asylum… it is what it says on the tin and there’s only so much of Degsie’s voice I can take.


1)      The fact that he thinks he’s actually doing a duet with me at this year’s Leeds Pride… My singing career would be officially over!

2)      The fact that he loses at Asylum every week… the sweet smell of success!

3)      His celebrity stories… apparently he’s met them all! He’s had tea with Madonna, nachos with Whoopee Goldberg and Cheesy nibbles with the Queen… I think that’s right??

4)      On a serious note… and I know you won’t believe me… Degsie is extremely kind (I know… being nice is killing me!)… But he’s one of the kindest and loveliest people I know.

5)      The fact that he’s one of my best friends. I love him to pieces, we always have such a laugh and feel lucky to have him as a friend.

Well that was painful, that’s the last time I’m nice to him so make a note of it and move on!

Well… It’s getting late, I’d better go, I’ve some pride songs to learn and an outfit to find.

Leeds pride 2014… 3rd August… please check out the website, check out what our local bars are doing this year, show your support and I can’t wait to see you there… come and say hello… I promise I won’t bite!

Until next time…



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