Tatiana Okupinik

Up and coming Diva, Tatiana Okupnik managed to take some time out of her hectic schedule and give this to Gayleeds.com…

Tell us about yourself.I won't tell you a thing about myself until you see me live. This is the most interesting part of my profession. I love the live sound. I love the interaction with the band. The energy from the audience is totally addictive and it's making your libido boost. At least this is what I've been told:-)
Sexuality?SSS&M-Sensual sexuality of a spider's Mama.
Relationship?Relationship of dependence, blood relationship, causal relationship, dead-end relationship.

Can't think about other relationships in English...

How long have you been in the music business for?

I started in 1998 so this year is my lucky 13!

What are you future aspirations?

Sing my first UK single Spider web while bungee jumping;-).Performing at the North Sea Jazz Festival or Montreux. To be honest with you my dream is to be able to get on stage and sing out loud my music until I still feel like doing it and there will be people wanting to listen to me.

How would you describe your new single, Spider Web?

We take a tea spoon of a mid-tempo pop ballad. We mix it with a hint of a fresh piano sound then stir it well with a good production. Finally we put a strong layer of Tatiana's vocal on top. It's ready to enjoy. Bon appetit! 

Where can people see you within the next 6 months?

Hopefully within the next 6 months I can see more and more people attending my UK gigs:-)

Are you planning to go on tour?

I've started to play live in the UK. My band sound thick and juicy. This is what I had on my mind writing the album. I get the goose bump listening to them I hope people will feel the same way. If not about my musicians at least about me.

Do you live in the UK permanently ? If so, do you return to Poland often?

Yes I live in London but I travel to Poland often cause I miss my...cats. I will bring them over to London but at the moment they're taking some lessons in English. Ok I miss my family a bit as well. We're traveling to each other often enough not to forget how we look like.

Anything else you would like to add?

Come to see me live we're gonna have some fun.I love doing the live shows and molesting the audience! Don't forget to check out my website www.tatianaofficial.com.


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