Tackling Yorkshire Terriers FC's Stuart Allaway

We sat down to tackle the sexy Yorkshire Terrier gay footballer Stuart Allaway, we did a bit of dribbling too...

GL: Tell us a little about the Yorkshire Terriers and the league that they play in?

SA: The Yorkshire Terriers were established around 20 years ago now and it was one of the first gay teams in the UK. 

We play in three leagues GFSN league which is the gay national league, the 

M.U.L league which is the four Midlands teams and the Yorkshire Leeds Flexi league (Straight league).

We have also won a few trophies, we were GFSN champions at one point and league cup champions plus we've won a few tournaments here and there.

GL: How long have you been playing with the Terriers?

SA: I've been playing with the Terriers for about 4 years now, I was made very welcome by the club. I don't feel that I'm part of a club though, it's more of a family. 

GL: In sport you've got Tom Daley and Gareth Thomas plus a few others who have "come out" as gay and bi, but why do you think professional footballers are still so reluctant to reveal their sexualities?

SA: I think sports stars will always find it hard to come out, they still think it's unacceptable. I feel they may think that they would be treated differently, that they they won't be seen as one of the lads if they reveal that they're LGB or T. 

GL: How do you believe we can change the stigma that being gay or bi in sport makes you a worst player?

SA: I honestly don't think it's gonna change for a long time unless a big profile name comes out before retirement it will show you can be the best in the world whatever your sexuality is...please let it be Eden hazard he is so fit!

GL: Which football side do you support?

SA: I support the best team in world Peterborough United (come on posh). 

GL: Our readers will be eager to know if you're single and available?

SA: That's lies lies lies, but just in case you're not lying; yes lads I'm single and very much ready to mingle! 

GL: You've been out on the gayleeds scene, but what is your favourite LGB&T venue in Leeds? 

SA: To be fair it depends what night I'm wanting to have. If I wanna go play rock and roll bingo then I'll go Queens Court (QC) or if I want a mad night out I'll go Mission 2 or if I fancy a sing song I will go to the Bridge. 

I spend most of my time in Bridge LGBT Bar these days as they are now our new club sponsor but let's be honest we'll all probably end up in the New Penny.

GL: Who is your number one celebrity crush?

SA: I'm gay but I'm gonna have to say there is something about Ruby Rose from Orange is the New Black (she's testing my sexuality big style).

GL: What song really gets you going pre match?

SA: I don't listen to a song before match maybe that's where I'm going wrong, you got any recommendations? I will say however that when England's on TV I will be screaming the national anthem. 

GL: If someone wanted to join the terriers then how could they?

SA: anyone is welcome to join the Yorkshire Terriers, whatever you ability is.

You can find us on on Facebook Instagram or just Google Yorkshire Terriers FC.

We do get some people emailing us "what's shower time like?" I will tell you now it's like any other football team we shower that's it!

If your are interested In playing or making new friends or maybe you just wanna come down and support us, the get in contact.

GL: What about the Lesbians? Are there any Lesbian football teams to your knowledge in the UK and what do you think of they way women's football is progressing? 

SA: I don't know if there is a lesbian league, I do know we have lesbians in the GFSN league though some of them girls are really good too.

GL: There's a Leeds gay Rugby team called the Leeds Hornets, do you think the terriers would be up for a half and half charity match with them? 

SA: We tried to arrange this before but it's just never happened. If you wanna arrange it and bring supporters down the Terriers will be there to give a good show. 

GL: On a night out what is your favourite beverage? 

SA: My favourite drink is a good pint, a Morgan's spiced and coke or make that a double if anyone wants to buy me one?

GL: What are your predictions for the current premiership season?

SA: I wanna say Peterborough (starts crying) but it's gonna be very close this year but I'm gonna say Chelsea. 

GL: Thanks Stuart for taking part in this interview.

SA: No, Thank you gayleeds it was my pleasure.

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