SpaceFM Radio's DJ Chris

The gayleeds team decided to interview DJ Chris a regular resident DJ from New Penny in gayleeds and also a presenter on SpaceFM Radio.

GL: Hi Chris, so tell us about yourself? 

DJ Chris: Hi, I am 22 from Essex with a passion for music, I moved to Leeds just over a year and half ago. I started Helping out Sordid Secret on a Thursday and Friday. I now DJ at the new penny on a Monday from 9pm til 12am.

GL: Tell us a little more about SpaceFM how did it get started?

DJ Chris: SpaceFM Used to be Morley Radio. We're Stephen Hansford, JayDee and myself, felt we outgrew Morley, so we decided to round up the team and have a chat about expanding, along with the expansion, after a long think, we decided to change the name. We also changed our aim to include the gayleeds community. You can also catch Sordid Secret and Connie Mae. 

GL: Do you attend LGB&T Pride events, if so what was your first? 

DJ Chris: Yes this was my first pride, I was working on the door at blades bar so didn’t get to see much but we are to include SpaceFM in this year’s pride

GL: Do you think Pride events and LGB&T Venues are still relevant in today's society?

DJ Chris: Yes, there are still some narrow minded people and I do believe we should celebrate the fact that we have come this far. 

GL: Who is your favorite musical artist and why? 

DJ Chris: See this is a bit hard there are so many, my all time favorite song however is Iris – Goo Goo Dolls, I have The Course tattooed its how I felt before I ‘came out’. 

GL: When can people catch you on SpaceFM? 

DJ Chris: You can catch me live from The New Penny every Monday from 9 – 12 also you can check out our website for more times as we all have scattered hours. 

GL: Union J are performing at Leeds LGBT Pride this year. Jaymi from Union J 'came out' as gay whilst they were still on the X-Factor. Do you believe that it is important for people in the public eye to make their sexualities known?

DJ Chris: I don't see that it matters that you are open about your private life - the talent you share as an artist doesn't change just because your gay and out. The talent remains the same. Although it must be easier to be able to produce and display your talent with an honest portrayal of yourself. For instance. Is Sam smith singing to a beautiful young girl he has fallen in love with and singing to the hoards of adoring young female teenagers or about the new guy in his life and sharing his feelings and words with the gay public as well as the straight. Bottom line is if your happy with where who and how you are and your life is content and fulfilled its how your talent is received. Liberation and choice is down to the person portraying themselves in the public eye.

GL: What would you say is your favourite LGBT venue on the gayleeds scene? 

DJ Chris: I would have to say The New Penny and Bridge Bar, this is probably because I have worked in both of the venues

GL: February is LGBT history month, who is your LGBT Hero and why?

DJ Chris: Harvey Milk for all the work he did for LGB&T rights in America campaigning against all odds to win rights for the LGB&T community

GL: Finally Chinese Curry or Indian Curry? 

DJ Chris: Definitely Indian Curry, however Jaydee our other director does make an amazing curry, (JayDee says ~ "lamb tikka masala or a decent balti is delish, although the local Chinese does knock out a rather yummy curry n chips.

GL: Many thanks for taking part in this interview Chris, it's been a pleasure. 

*Remember  you can catch DJ Chris at New Penny in gayleeds Mondays from 9pm-12am and also regularly live at... alongside gayleeds very own Miss Sordid Secret, Miss Connie Mae and others too.


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