Sharon Wallace the interview!

Sensational female singer Sharon Wallace is live at Viaduct Showbar in gayleeds this Saturday at 6pm. We decided to sit down and interview the lady herself prior to her performance in gayleeds.

GL: You could say that Music is in your blood as your Father was with the 60’s band tell us a little about that did his music and that era inspire you? 

SW: My dad was in a group called 'Jeannie and the Big Guys' in the 1960's and he was an amazing guitar player. I think the music bug had already hit me and that I wanted to be a singer by the time I realised he was in a band, I was about six years old.

GL: Have you been to gayleeds (Leeds) before, if so what did you think, if not what are you looking forward to?

SW: I've not managed to get to gayleeds before, but one of my long time friends Miss Orry who I worked with so in Blackpool for ITP/Basil Newby has told me so much about it and can't wait to experience the scene.

GL: Yes you lived in Blackpool for a while, what was your experience of the LGB&T scene there?

SW: I moved to Blackpool in 1990 and did not know a thing about LGB&T communities and scene's back then. Within a few weeks of working in 'Barnums Bar' which was predominantly gay I had made some of the closest and best friends, some I still keep in contact with, others are sadly no longer with us.

GL: Do you think LGB&T Scene's and Venues still have a place in modern Britain?

SW: I feel more confident being out on the gay scene and in gay venues, as I always feel so welcome and safe. I feel that gay venues definitely have a place in modern Britain and I really do wish that all the crap and the grief a lot of the lovely people that frequent them are given by the low life would just go away, it really belongs in a different century!

GL: You performed at your home city of Chester at Pride last year (2014) alongside gayleeds very own Bears Aloud, but what was the first ever Pride event you attended?

SW: Oh my goodness, I was a nervous wreck at Chester Pride, yet I loved every minute of it as it is my home city plus the organising was spot on for such a relatively new Pride event, remember Chester only had its first full Pride back in 2013.

GL: Yes the Viaduct Starlets from gayleeds performed at Chester's first Pride in 2013 and it was camp as tits. Talking camp you do a fair few Bette Midler numbers, in fact you do a Bette Midler show as well as your usual set, is it safe to say she's one of your Idols? 

SW: Yes, Ms Midler is top of my list. I have been told for years that I am so like her, My Midler Show should be ready to go by June, so this is the year (2015) to finally get my bum in gear and bring out a tribute show to The Divine Miss M.

GL: In the 1980's you toured the length and breadth of the UK and Germany as one half of a duo who gigged for The British Forces at bases entertaining the troops and their families. Do you believe that Same Sex relationships within the arms forces is still a taboo or that it is slowly becoming more accepted like in other occupations? 

SW: Yes is was in the late 80's before my Blackpool experience's so I had not, and I have to honestly say I really had not met anyone who was openly LGB&T before I moved to Blackpool, remember back in the 1980's being gay was not as accepted as it is today and so people were sadly reluctant to 'come out' as LGB or T. I really could not comment on same sex relationships within the armed forces at that time. I do hope that people can be more open about who they are and live happy lives regardless of their sexuality of gender identity.

I loved performing for the troops and their families, like the LGB&T communities the Armed Forces community is so close to each other and there is an incredible togetherness spirit within them.

GL: Our co-editor (Ross) lived in Chester for four years, whilst there he got to know the Chester LGB&T scene very well. As Chester is your own city, can you name your favourite Chester Drag Queen? 

SW: Oh my goodness, I could not possibly name a favourite Chester drag queen as they are all fabulous at what they do and bloody gorgeous. Just look at the video of us all on You Tube at Chester Pride. I love them all, as I do all my other gorgeous Drag Queen friends. I'm not impressed that they look better than me most of the time though, but life's a bitch. I'm looking forward to meeting some of the Leeds Drag Queens as I've heard from Orry that Leeds is a Mecca for Drag Queens. 

GL: If you had to choose a dinner date, would you pick Winston Churchill, Freddie Mercury, Amy Winehouse or Marilyn Monroe?

SW: Oh god it would have to be Freddie Mercury any day, I have been doing a Queen Medley for 25 years in my show now and if I do not do it on in my gigs for some reason I get grief. Queen Freddie all the way, he was a legend! 

GL: Anything else you would like to mention?

SW: Finally, I am really looking forward to appearing at the famous Viaduct Showbar this Saturday at 6pm, I absolutely love scene gigs, meeting new people and making new friends.

GL: Thanks for doing this interview with us.

SW: mwah.

You can catch the sensational Sharon Wallace live at Viaduct Showbar this Saturday at 6pm.

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