Queen Bee Host Bonnie La Blue: The Interview

An established and formidable entertainer, Jamie began his professional career at the age of nineteen working overseas for a large holiday company as an entertainments rep.  Through his work creating, staring and managing entertainment shows – Bonnie La Blue, was born – Jamie's Drag Queen Alter Ego.

Bonnie La Blue has appeared in & created shows in famous overseas venues such as ‘Talk of the Town’ for over 20 years now! As well as 17 Pantomimes back in the UK over the holiday season.

Bonnie (BON) will be one of the hosts at this years Queen Bee event and gayleeds sat down to interview her before the big night...

GL: The very first Queen Bee: 'Battle of the Drags' charity event is fast approaching and you'll be on hosting duties alongside the infamous Marky Mark. It's been a while since you were in gayleeds hosting this sort of thing (we think the last time was Drag Idol 2009), how do you prepare for such an event?  

BON: Your right it’s been a while since I hosted such an event, and to be honest when I was asked I jumped at the opportunity, I felt honoured and blessed to be asked…I love gayleeds and have had very many happy times there…to prepare! I just load the car up with the frocks and wigs etc…apply the poly filler and just hope for the best!

GL: There's all sorts of Drag out there, you've been in the business for quite a while so what advice would you give the Queen Bee contestants if any? 

BON: Laughing out loud at this delicately put question, are you trying to tell me I’m OLD?

The only advice a seasoned drag queen can give, is relax and enjoy your performance, I always find that if you smile and look like you're enjoying what you are doing the audience usually smile along with you.

GL: Yo know have your very own Showbar in Blackpool, tell us a little about that?

BON: It’s called Stillies Showbar, we run show’s every Thursday to Sunday, the night starts with a 2 course meal, followed by the show starting at 9pm and running till midnight, with only a 15 minute interval…..the show comprises of glamour, comedy live vocals and live patter, there are 3 drag queens (yours truly headlining) and also 2 boy dancers.

I’m actually extremely proud of the venue, considering we’ve only been opened 4 months, the audiences reaction has been outstanding with many customers returning again and again to see the shows.

Plug time, the Christmas show runs from the 19th November till the 3rd January, book your tickets at the box office on 01253 365515

GL: The Queen Bee event will be helping the 'Matthew Bedingfield Trust' and other charities to combat bullying, Matthew sadly took his own life. Have you experienced bullying on or off the scene/scenes and what would you say to anyone being bullied out there? 

BON: I was actually performing at the Viaduct the day after Matthew took his life, I saw the devastation it caused on the scene. To perform that night was in fact quite difficult, people’s emotions were all over the place and you could feel the sadness, heartbreak and in some cases anger this tragedy caused. This is another reason I agreed to host ‘Queen Bee' I remember being bullied at school (a long time ago now) It wasn’t the best time of my life but I had support from wonderful family and friends to help me through it.

As many of us have experienced the odd jibe in the streets etc from uneducated people you hear the comments, "Puff...Faggot" etc I just reply now "Rich Puff".

To anyone being bullied or going through this, the only advice I can give is please don’t keep it to yourself, talk to people about it, whoever it is you talk to it doesn’t matter, just please don’t suffer this in silence.

GL: How did you get started in Drag?

BON: A very long story, I’ll tell it on the evening!

GL: Which Drag Queen/King past or present would you say inspired you the most?

BON: Danny La Rue by far, and what a wonderful gentleman he was, I met him several times doing panto etc, and we shared quite a few bottles of Bollinger together.

GL: Indian food or Chinese?

BON: Indian

GL: Where would we usually find you at 3am on a Sunday morning?

BON: Slumped at a bar somewhere.

GL: You've been to gayleeds a few times, which is your favourite venue?

BON: anyone my friends are in (see what I did there!!!!)

GL: Finally if people see you out and about after Queen Bee what tipple would they be able to buy you?

BON: Gin Lime and Soda please (hint hint)! 

Thanks Bonnie, Queen Bee will be on at the Marriott Hotel Leeds on Tuesday 17th November from 8pm with tickets available from the Queen Bee Leeds website...


You can also see Bonnie in Blackpool at Stillies Showbar with show's Thursday to Sunday, to book a table just call the Box Office on 01253 365515.


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