Five First Times with Ford from Viaduct

Here are five firsts from Viaduct Showbar bar wench Ford William Scott. Giving you a little insight into the lives and the making of those who work on our scene in gayleeds.

GL: What was the first Album bought by you? 

FS: It was a 'Now Thats What I Call Music' Album (can't remember which one, but it was on CD and not cassette).

GL: Where did you go the first time you went abroad? 

FS: Turkey, it's was roasting!

GL: Who was your first celebrity crush?

FS: Believe it or not it was little baby Spice Emma Bunton from the Spice Girls.

GL: Where was the first place you worked? 

FS: I was a McDonalds kid, didn't most people start working there? 

GL: What was the First Gay/LGBT venue you visited?

FS: That would have been The Dog on Marlborough Crescent in good old Newcastle upon Tyne, cock, tails and dancing!

*Thanks to Ford William Scott for giving us these five firsts. Remember you can find Ford being the bar at Viaduct Showbar most nights and even sometimes partying with everyone in front of the bar.

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