Dale Webster of Mission 2: The Interview

We caught up with Dale Webster to find out a little more about the new direction he's taking Mission 2 in and also to find out more about the new man in charge of Mission 2  himself...

GL: How long have you been working on the gayleeds scene?

DW: I've been working on the gayleeds scene for two years. I started in the Mission2 promo team just for a bit of extra cash. Then I moved onto the bar where I got to know so many of my friends which I've made in leeds over the years. Now, I'm the manager of Mission2 and love my job role. 

GL: Tell us about your work at Mission2 and the gay nights you have there?

DW: Since starting my position as events and promo manager, I've wanted to take Mission2 in a new direction. We have lots of exciting and new nights coming up, as well as newly introduced themes like our successful Fetish Night and Mission2 Freakshow which both went down very well.

Finding new and fresh DJ's, Drag Queens, bar and promo staff were something which I found quite important to do to take Mission2 in its new direction. We all work together as a family and I find this a very endearing quality in our team and makes my job a pleasure.

GL: Where are you originally from and what is the LGB&T scene like there?

DW: I was born in Durham but lived in Darlington my whole life before moving to leeds. 

There isn't much of a specifically aimed scene up there. It's mainly just one night a week when the venues turn gay friendly.

GL: Who is your favourite Drag Queen or King?

DW: Gisele our resident Cloud9 and Homo Drag Queen. I love how diverse and unique her looks are and feel she has brought a breath of fresh air to the team. She builds a friendship with all customers and works so well with Iva Bouquet (who i also love) hosting Homo on a Monday night.

GL: Where's your favourite night out when you're not working in gayleeds?

DW: I absolutely love Tuesday nights out in Manchester with my Mission2 family and friends. We're always made to feel so welcome. The managers and staff of venues like G-A-Y, KIKI and AXM are so professional and always put on a great night.

In gayleeds, i love Thursday's so much i've dubbed it 'Thursday night club'. Usually spending my time in Viaduct with my friend Ollie.

GL: You worked during Leeds LGBT Pride 2015 and took part in the parade, do you believe that Pride events are still relevant in today's society and why? 

DW: I love seeing our community come together as one and there's nothing better than a good pride. However, I feel that people shouldn't lose the true meaning of this parade as we have so much to be grateful for for where we are today in the LGBT community.

GL: Where would we usually find you at 5am on a Sunday morning?

DW: Usually you can find me with Gisele and the Mission2 team in The New Penny de-stressing after a busy yet rewarding shift at Cloud9 in Mission2. We jump on the #MissionJagerTrain which was originally started by us at Mission2 and involves quite a few jager bombs.

GL: Our readers would love to know if you're single or not? 

DW: Yes i am!

GL: Tell us an interesting fact about yourself?

DW: I'm a fully qualified and trained hairdresser who used to be a personal shopper for Topshop.

GL: What do you think the secret to keeping a gay scene fresh and vibrant is?

DW: Always being on the ball (or balls) and knowing what the fresh things are. You need to be able to move with the times and adapt to change. I think listening to customers and staff is a very vital part in this

GL: What advice would you have to anyone struggling with coming to terms with their sexuality?

DW: Talk to someone, there's always someone there who can listen to you and give you advice. If it's not friends or family we're lucky enough in the gayleeds scene to have organisations who you can contact for help.

GL: Thanks Dale for a fantastic interview, I guess we'll see you around Mission2 for HOMO and Cloud9 or maybe at New Penny. 

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