Louis & Zander: Radio Aire Win Your Wedding

Louis and Zander have entered a competition to win their wedding. Sponsored by Radio Aire, the aim is to raise as much money as possible for the charity ‘Cash for Kids.’

I caught up with them just recently to find a bit more out about the pair, and they’re wonderful. We had such a relaxed interview, here’s what I learnt:

Tell me a little bit about yourselves! Where are you from and what do you both do?

Louis: Leeds born and bred (basically born in Leeds and remained because it’s the place to be!). He’s a video producer and works at a company called Paradigm Creative.

Zander: Born in Haiti in 1990, both him and his sister were orphaned, adopted by Danish family and they moved to America. Being a lover of travelling, Zander moved to the UK as he wanted to study here, so moved to Leeds.

How did you meet? 

We met on Grindr a week after Zander got here. Now Grindr isn’t typically the sort of place men admit they’ve met! (It’s known for cheekier alternatives) we’re just in awe of this setup. 

Where was your first date?

20th September 2013 - Met in Headingley at Original Oak. Louis took Zander on a tour around Leeds, how cute!

How long have you been together? 

4 Years

What does love mean to you? 

Louis: Someone that completes your life. That is everything including all of your worst points. Brings out the best and helps you get through anything!

Zander: Love means the engagement between two people who are trusted by one another, where love can grow and grow without you knowing it. Love is something beautiful where people share their life together forever and where your heart tinkles when you think about each other. Love is always a blessing and a stronghold when rough times occur and when something blooms out of the ordinary.

Do you have any cheeky things that annoy you about each other?

Louis: Zander doesn’t remember lyrics to any song when he’s singing them! 
Zander: Louis bites his nails and leaves them lying about!

Where/When did you get engaged?

Last year on 20th May 2016, we were on a cruise and it dropped us off in Rome for the day. When Louis saw of all the beautiful sights he knew it was the right time. They went up to Piazza Apollo, one of the most important ancient Greek monuments.

Why have you entered this competition? (As opposed to just paying for a wedding) 

Doesn’t matter of the value of the money, it matters more that they’re actually having one! (Louis heard the advert on the radio in that 5-minute drive from their house to station for work. It was at that point he felt it was meant to be doing it this way)

What does the charity ‘Cash for Kids’ mean to you both in terms of fundraising for such a great cause? 

Hadn’t heard of the charity but since researching they’ve realised it’s so good for the Leeds region for children/kids. Really opened their eyes to a world you don’t see. A life of poverty masked under the rest of us.

Ways to donate:

1) Online Donations of any amount submitted through this link:

2) Via Text for quick £5 donations, sending the word Couple4 to 70808 (no spaces)

3) Cash contributions to our collection tubs and buckets, whether it's seeing Zander and I at one of our upcoming events or donating to one of our trusted #HelpingHeroes (Close friends and family collecting on our behalf!)

Checkout the fundraising events they have here!


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